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All Alterations and Custom Tailoring in Madison, AL provides expert clothing alterations and tailoring. With over 30 years of experience, our senior tailor and alterations manager has previously worked as the head alterations and tailoring for more than 20 years at Dillard's. Her position included teaching alterations and tailoring. We are also affiliated with the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals, and are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

Emergency Tailoring Services

In a jam and need some last minute alterations? Look no further than All Alterations and Custom Tailoring! Trust us for 24-hour emergency tailor services.

Our Customer Testimonials

 I was BEYOND impressed with the alterations I received, the customer service, and the overall experience that I had with All Alterations. She had to alter the top of my dress which had a ton of beading and required hand sewing. She also trimmed the front and added a bustle. From the extra beading that was removed on my top, she even made a cover for the bustle hook! She was very helpful and knowledgeable, explaining all of the various details on what she had done. She was very easy to schedule and always had me come in during times she's closed for public business so that I had her undivided attention. The price was affordable, and she got everything done in less than 3 weeks! ON TOP of all that, my dress has a huge mystery stain on it so she called a friend of hers to come clean and steam my dress. Absolutely cannot recommend her highly enough!!

- Maggie Jackson

Took a leather jacket in to have lining replaced, they were able to repair lining and it looks great. They replaced cuffs on the jacket. My son will be able to get another 10 years out of jacket. I will definitely will use them again for alterations and repairs.

- Cecilia Arabinko

A++ Custom Men's Tailoring

I had a problem with a suit that another seamstress had almost ruined. All Alterations took the suit and made it like-new. Perfect tailoring.


The finished product was so precise; it fit perfectly even on a body so petite. I loved my dress and also enjoyed the experience and interactions we had to make sure everything was just the way I imagine, my custom tailored dress was like a dream come true.

Aaryn Mir posted on All Alterations & Tailoring's timeline

Just wanted to share with you the lovely dress you helped transform for me! Thank you so much, All Alterations & Tailoring!

Aaryn Mir December 2 at 5:47pm

Thank you for all your amazing work on my dress! I felt beautiful wearing it and my guests were all amazed at the work you did to transform it! I will send you some photos when I get the professional ones back!

- Aaryn Mir 13/10/2014

Absolutely Wonderful!

I was in a huge bind and needed a fully laced formal dress to be altered in just 4 days. I went to All Alterations & Tailoring and they guaranteed they would have it done in that short time period. As thankful as I was in hearing that, I received a call the very next day that they were already finished with my dress!

The owner was one of the nicest people I've come in to contact with and the seamstress was very detail oriented when it came to my dress. I could not have asked for a better experience or better alterations. It came out absolutely perfect and I am so thankful they were able to help me in this terrible situation. I HIGHLY recommend them for any alterations you may need! I know I'll definitely be using them again!

- Ashley 2/11/2013

I went to All Alterations & Custom Tailoring to have my daughters coat lining replaced because it was way beyond repair. They were very nice and knowledgeable and their business was well organized. I dropped off my daughter's coat around noon and was given the chance to set the date that I need the coat by (which was 5 days  later), but amazingly at 4:30pm that afternoon I received a phone call telling me that the coat was ready to be picked up!  When I picked up the coat I was amazed; it was as if the lining had never been ripped or replaced, it looked 100% original. I was so pleased! I would recommend going to All Alterations & Custom Tailoring 100%!

- Christina 11/15/2012

Everything I asked for!

The owner is so nice and did everything that I asked perfectly. Now my wedding gown (with beading) fits perfectly on the side of the hips and she picked out the perfect button to hang my long and heavy train! It matched with the beading of my dress and still looked so elegant. I would highly recommend her.  It took about 2 weeks but was done on time!

- Sandra Brown 5/14/2012

Amazing Job!

We ordered a formal pageant dress for my daughter on the internet, and when we got it, it was a big mess. We brought it here to see if anything could be done to fix it. I had my doubts, because the bodice was way too long & baggy and the heavy beading & sequins on the front & back of the bodice had all been sewn on sloppily and unevenly.  The very kind lady at All Alterations did the most amazing job & saved my daughter's dress! She was able to do the very tedious & delicate work of removing the beads & sequins from the bodice and hand-stitched them all back onto the dress in the most perfect design! The bodice also fit my daughter perfectly – she looked beautiful in her dress on pageant day. The judges all gave her perfect "10's" on her dress – and to top it all off, she was crowned overall winner of the pageant! She couldn't have done it without the beautiful work that was done on her dress at All Alterations.  Thank you so much – we'll definitely be back!

- Dawn Szuba 5/10/2012

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